Digital radiology gives Animal Crossing the ability to diagnose conditions almost on the spot. This allows for conditions to be treated faster and more effectively.

With today’s most current digital radiography, our practice takes the x-ray image on advanced machinery which sends it directly to digital x-ray sensors for storage and display on a computer. The wait is short and there is no need for films to be processed at a separate lab. We can also share the image digitally in the case that we would ever need to send them to a specialist for you, or even just to your email.

Our hospital can easily enhance the digital x-ray image on the computer by zooming in or out, changing the contrast, or turning brightness up or down for better viewing. Digital x-ray technology creates a clear detailed image.

Animal Crossing uses digital radiology for your pet’s entire body. Digital x-rays can help us identify a fractured bone, or degeneration in a joint as well as sometimes identify foreign objects inside your pet’s body.